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General questions

Do you charge by the hour?

Yes, our rates start from £13ph and will change according to the service required. There is one service which we provide that would require a £30 booking fee and this is the One-off service of up to 6hrs.

We also have packages for services such as a full property clean which is charged as a whole. These examples are given in our pricing page.

What are the benefits of using a domestic cleaner?

While some may view this as a luxury, we believe most importantly we can free up valuable time so that you can spend the time usually doing chores to be with family & friends. Or, to even just have that time to relax. 

Of course different house-holds have different methods to cleaning but the majority would agree the tough cleaning jobs such as a greasy oven which has not been maintained or a carpet / rug which is in dire need of a good clean just takes too much time and effort. 

We want to take the time and effort from you as mentioned above to give you the peace of mind that it is in good hands and you can not have a weight lifted off your shoulders. 

Which payment methods do you accept?

For the One-off service which requires the booking fee, this will need to be via Bank transfer. All other services can be paid via Bank transfer or cash. For services which are reoccurring, we would require payment for service to cover the sessions beforehand (4 weekly basis). For example; 

Fortnightly sessions have 2x 3hr sessions in a 4 week period. Once agreed on a rate, we will require payment for the 2 sessions totaling 6hrs. Once the 6hr sessions is complete, we would require the next and so forth.

Are you insured?

Yes, We are fully insured not just for ourselves but for all our clients to have that piece of mind for any un-necessary accidents. Our staff have been trained and are mindful of their surroundings while working but we are all human and having insurance in place protects the things that matter most.

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