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Our Policy

Please take the time in acknowledging our service policy. It explains a lot of how we work, housekeepers, pricing and much more. 

General cleaning;

    >We here at MK4Cleaners aim to clean the areas of the property to the best of our ability. Dusting, Vacuuming, polishing, dishwashing, filters and kitchen equipment cleaning all which are "exterior" items. Meaning anything that is visible from a stand point view for example: Work tops, tables, chairs, sofas, walls, ceilings, carpets, vinyl's, laminate flooring, sinks / basins, cooker/hobs (exterior), extractor fans (filters and outer area), cupboards (outer and inner side of the doors), shelving, mirrors, doors, banisters, bathtubs, toilets and showers. 

    >Additional authorisation may be needed by management and the clients when it comes to certain services such as inside of a cooker ovens, insides of machinery such as extractor fans, air-conditioning units, Exterior windows of the property, High ceilings (over 3 meters from the ground).

    >Members of staff will bring their own equipment and products to each visit however, we will use contents of the clients if available. Such as Bleach, dishwashing liquid and mainly water. Please bear in mind if we are needed to use our cleaning products there may be an additional charge. This will be discussed before the service is carried or before the use of our products to make both management and client aware. 


    >We use certain machinery such as steam cleaners for fabric sofas, beds, carpets and machinery such as ovens. We advise the occupants of the property to allow time for any of the deep-cleaning processes to completely dry if wet before use. 

    >Space and time will be needed for certain processes so we advise if booking for a deep-clean to allow a good day / time considering the service(s) to be carried out. 


As mentioned we will at the best of our ability clean as much as it is possible. There may be certain areas or markings which are not possible to clean such as age related markings, wear and tear. With these, we will keep a record by image of what was not complete due to examples given above. The image will be stored on company data for the particular property so we can provide this to the client if needed. 

Client information / data storage;

    >We will only hold the basic information of our clients and the property/properties such as name, address, contact information and services carried out. Images can be taken for proof and can only be shared with the client(s). No data will be shared with any 3rd party company/companies. Only with the permission from the clients when requested for additional services we can arrange information exchanges. If you would like a copy of the record we hold for yourself then please contact us using our contact page or email and management will be able to assist you further. 

    >We can use the information we hold to keep our clients up to date with promotional offers or upcoming events via email/text/post. You can also opt-out of this service via our contact page or the email address mentioned above. 


    >MK4Cleaners offer a guarantee where if the client is not fully satisfied with the service we will re-send the housekeeper(s) to correct what is needed. For example: A full house clean has been undertaken but the client has noticed an area which is not up to standard such as smear/dirt/marks left behind after the cleaning process. If we have no evidence that this was not cleanable then we will arrange a member of staff to correct this matter free of charge. 


    >As standard M4Cleaners will not clean high valued items (unless authorised by the client and management). We are fully insured to give you that piece of mind. 

    >If housekeepers find themselves in an area which is about to go through a cleaning process but has a high valued item in close proximity, the item will be carefully moved to a safe area until the clean is complete and then the item will be put back as it was. 

    >If there is a incident where an item had been damaged, this will be handled as quickly as possible but subject to the claim process being complete. 

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