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Vacumming the Mattress

Residential One-off visit

This particular service is a 1-off service where we will provide up to 6 hours a session. Booking fee is £30 and then the service fee would start from £13 per hour for that session. This service will include general cleaning as standard. For example; All exterior visible sides of furniture, fixed units, machinery, kitchen, bathrooms and toilets. Vacuuming, wiping & polishing. Interior windows and dish-washing are also included.


If you would require a deeper cleaning service for this booking such as oven, carpet/rugs and large furniture, *additional fees will apply*. These services usually take time as steam / de-greasing and other equipment would be needed.

This option is popular for moving in or moving out of a property. Also popular if there was to be a large gathering such as a party or celebration. 

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